Ett nytt bolag inom flytande vindkraft till havs, noterades på norska börsen i veckan. BW ideol. BW Ideol, a leading floating wind technology specialist (bw-ideol.


SeaTwirl is developing a floating wind turbine for the ocean. SeaTwirl’s wind turbine is easier to build, install and maintain than traditional offshore wind turbines. Our vision: To become a global leader within floating offshore wind power. Floating turbine.

This arrangement is located above the surface of the water; rest all lies below the sea water level. The whole structure is supported by an axle at the centre of the turbine. A hollow cylindrical body float body is mounted on this axle and is also connected to a generator. As the wind blows, the turbine along with the axle rotates. SeaTwirl is already being praised as one of the most simple and cost effective wind turbines ever made. Its vertical blades spin, absorbing energy from the wind and storing it throughout a water We do not have any data or photo on wind turbines produced by SeaTwirl AB. The manufacturer SeaTwirl AB has been listed since 21.01.2020.

Seatwirl wind turbine

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Source: SeaTwirl AB. May 21 (Renewables Now) - SeaTwirl AB, the Sweden-based developer of a vertical-axis floating wind turbine, has joined forces with German engineering group Siemens AG (ETR:SIE) to further advance its product. Sweden’s experimental new SeaTwirl system, however, is designed to kinetically store wind energy until it’s required – it’s basically a seagoing flywheel. The top of a SeaTwirl system consists of a vertical wind turbine, with a hollow torus ring attached to the bottom. The SeaTwirl concept – first launched in 2011 – is engineered to rotate as one unit, from blade-tip down the length of its axle, turning a direct-drive permanent-magnet generator, with seawater drawn into the structure through the shaft by centrifugal force, and then released during low-wind periods to maintain the turning momentum — like a figure-skater pirouetting — so that the turbine operates like a flywheel.

With its unique floating wind turbine with vertical axis, SeaTwirl can keep down both installation and service costs, which with the strong offshore winds provides 

Its vertical blades spin, absorbing energy from the wind and storing it throughout a water We do not have any data or photo on wind turbines produced by SeaTwirl AB. The manufacturer SeaTwirl AB has been listed since 21.01.2020. The SeaTwirl is a proposed offshore wind power-harvesting system, that stores kinetic energy using a flywheel-like principle When the wind is high, the turbine's vigorous spinning action causes Vertical Axis Floating Wind Turbine Developer Granted Japanese patent. SeaTwirl, a Swedish company developing vertical-axis floating wind turbines, has said that it has been granted a patent by the Japanese Patent Office for its divisible wind turbine.

Teknisk analys SeaTwirl (STW). It is engaged in developing a new type of floating wind turbine customized for the ocean. The company uses a vertical axis 

Seatwirl wind turbine

The divisible wind turbine allows for the entire generator and bearing housing to be replaced just above the water surface, reducing costs for both installation and maintenance, and minimising downtime, according to SeaTwirl. SeaTwirl — The Future of Offshore Floating Wind Turbines / Company Description The heart of the SeaTwirl concept is our vertical axis wind turbine design, featuring a tower connected to a spar hull with fixed ballast to increase stability. The turbine, tower and prototypeunderwater part rotate as one unit, whereas the generator housing is moored to the seabed and keeps the rotating unit in position. The SeaTwirl design receives a lot of interest in the offshore wind community and SeaTwirl AB is based in Sweden.

London Marine Consultants (LMC) have been awarded a contract by SeaTwirl AB to perform the detailed design of the Spar for the 1MW S2 Floating Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. SeaTwirl has been granted a patent for a divisible wind by turbine in Sweden, USA, China, and Europe and more recently Japan. SeaTwirl S2 is a floating 1 MW wind turbine which is planned for launch at a test site in Norway in 2022. ”It is very pleasing to be able to formalize the cooperation with both these specialist companies by signing letters of intent for long-term cooperation agreements. SeaTwirl develops a floating vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT).
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Advantages of SeaTwirl. Simple, robust design with a minimum of breakable moving parts, which means less downtime and more output; Provides easy access to parts requiring maintenance; Stable structure due to the low centre of gravity; The water supports the weight of the wind turbine which reduces stress on the bearings Offshore wind turbines have been criticized for quite some time now for the low efficiency that they deliver. One main drawback behind this problem is that some of the power generated by the wind turbine is often lost while feeding the power into the grid, for this has to be done right when the blades are spinning.

In the Internet the manufacturer SeaTwirl AB can be found via the website
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Solvina will be developing, optimising and implementing the control system for SeaTwirl AB's first full-scale vertical axis wind turbine of 1 MW to 

Vi har ingen information att visa om den här sidan. their patented wind turbines have already received a lot of attention. To develop a new wind turbine, SeaTwirl collaborates with RISE and Chalmers to calculate  Seatwirl/Windeurope rapport, Good idea, 20-01-05 14:26 Artikel idag om största 8.3 MW floating wind turbine som börjar generera nu Sweden has 74 offshore wind farm projects of which 6 currently operating, none where construction has progressed enough to connect the turbines and  av E Möllerström · 2019 · Citerat av 3 — This paper summarizes wind turbines of Swedish origin, 50 kW and above.

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•SeaTwirl's wind turbine is simple and robust . The SeaTwirl Technology . The SeaTwirl Technology Keep it simple . SeaTwirl S1 (30 kW prototype) SeaTwirl in Media . Recent past •Listed on Nasdaq First North 16-12-22 •Winner of Innovation Award, Graphene 2016 . Ongoing activities

Each part of the wind turbine is a proven technology. Most of   The SeaTwirl wind turbine requires a robust and powerful control system. It shall continuously measure the wind and control the rotational speed according to an  21 May 2018 May 21 (Renewables Now) - SeaTwirl AB, the Sweden-based developer of a vertical-axis floating wind turbine, has joined forces with German  30 Mar 2020 Vertical axis floating wind turbine developer SeaTwirl has joined forces with Crest Consultants to identify areas suitable for offshore wind power  27 Jan 2020 SeaTwirl, a Swedish floating offshore wind turbine developer, says the patent helps protect technical solutions that make its wind turbines  6 Feb 2019 The SeaTwirl system is a massive flywheel at the sea. The structure consists of a vertical wind turbine with a hollow torus ring at the bottom. 1 Apr 2020 Swedish company SeaTwirl inks deal with Crest Consultants to target the Brazilian offshore wind energy market with its vertical axis floating  Floating turbine. A unique feature of SeaTwirl's design is how the buoyant force of the ocean supports the weight of the turbine.